The Rotary PRM Series

Rotary PRM is a simple, universal solution for any lift-type application up to 25 feet. It can replace expensive, complicated or problematic self-priming style pumps. Utilizing a proven design concept, Rotary PRM holds a reserve of the pumping liquid. This reserve allows the centrifugal pump attached to remain fully flooded. When the pump is started, it will begin to draw down the liquid stored in Rotary PRM. This action creates suction lift (a vacuum) causing liquid to then be drawn in to the suction line.



  • All Steel Construction
  • Fully bonded chemical resistant lining
  • Lining options: ETFE or HDPE
  • Optional ¾” sensor port for tank temperature / liquid level
  • Suction lift capable up to 25 feet
  • Priming capacity range: 12 to 25 gallons
  • Inlet / Outlet flange choices for ANSI 1½, 2, 2½, 3 & 4”
  • Standard, ANSI 1½” flanged fill port
  • Standard, ANSI 1” flanged tank drain
  • One tank foot print for all tank volumes
  • Detachable feet for adjustable centerline
  • Chemical resistant epoxy polyamide primer and catalyzed aliphatic polyurethane top-coat.

Applications / Benefits:

  • Sump pits / below grade storage tanks
  • Rail car / tanker truck unloading
  • Able to handle vapor pressure sensitive liquids
  • Able to handle low boiling point liquids

Fully Bonded

All of our tanks feature fully bonded ETFE or HDPE lining with a minimum of 1/8” thickness throughout the chamber.